The Highest Quality Discord Based "Cook Group" on the market



- Full access to all of our

- Billed Monthly


- Full access to all of our

- Billed Yearly


24/7 Support

Our dedicated staff and support team will never leave anyone in the dark. We are always prepared if you have any questions.

Blazing Monitors

We offer the fastest monitors possible so our users are able to catch any restock or shock drop. We monitor 500+ sites catching restocks at <50ms

Bot Flips

We are extremely proud of our bot flipping information. With 3 professional analysts and their bot flipping calls, our members will always be making money.

Non-Sneaker Flips

We offer a variety of card flips, brick flips, lowkey flips, and more! Our members are able to make up to 10k a month!

Release Guides

Our full site list combined with our in-depth release guide ensures our members are able to obtain the most limited of items.


We give our members exclusive access to highly coveted bots, tools, and more! With our partnerships, we make sure our members succeed and stay ahead of the competition.


With over 4500++ checkouts per month,
RamenFnF has one of the highest success to member
ratio on the market.

Free Software

All members have access to the highest quality
AIO software including a one click generator,
proxy generator, shopify account generator,
and more!

Chrome Extension

Our members will have access to the fastest
chrome extension bot on the market. It features a
large range of sites including Supreme, Stripe,
and ALL Shopify sites.


How Much is a membership?

A membership costs $15 a month.

When will you restock?

We will announce our restock via twitter.

How do I access my membership details?

You can access all your details including renewal date, membership type, and more via our dashboard.

Do I need a bot to make money reselling?

Of Course not!. Many of our members do not own a bot and make just as much. In addition, they can use our tools, including our chrome extension bot, to help purchase limited items.

Do I need any previous experience reselling to join?

Nope! We except all people from beginners to professionals!

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